Saturday, 11 May 2013

Bonus Top Tens John F

Bonus Top Tens John F

John F has come here through the auspices of Brendan (and he is more then welcome). Any Top Ten that includes The Mighty Fall has to be more than ok. In fact apart from The Waterboys, to whom I have a mild allergy, I would be a fan of everything here. Nice list John.

Take it away....

As with Brendan's selection - I have tried to leave out more obvious ones by the likes of  - Bowie [Hunky Dory..],  Cave, Cohen, Floyd, Stones, Zep, Beatles, Thompson, Van, Bob, Band etc.

Even with those exclusions, these are 10 albums that I've known and loved for years and still feature in the rotations:

Great blog Seamus. good luck with it.

Here are my Top Ten in date of release order:

1. John Martyn - Live at Leeds [1976]
A great band assembled to back JM here, not least Danny Thompson. JM was getting into his effects pedals.  Thumping Bass of DT on the opener 'Outside In' .

2. The Waterboys - This is the Sea [1984]
Sounds of my youth. Every song a classic - excepting maybe Trumpets

3. The Pogues - Rum, Sodomy & the Lash [1985]
Outstanding album - maybe not their best - contains the bawdy brilliance that is  'The Sickbed of Cuchulainn',

4. Pixies  - Doolittle [1989]
What a great album...Debaser - what an opener...

5. Peter Gabriel - Passion [1990]
Dark and brooding music from Gabriel. 'A different drum', 'Zaar' & title track are my standouts. Great opener too - 'the feeling begins'

6. Tom Waits - Bone Machine [1992]
     Just shades RainDogs [for me], It was my introduction to post-1980 Tom. Blew my head off when i first heard it. never out of my walkman for at least a year.  'Murder in the Red Barn' resonates.

7. Beastie Boys - Ill Communication [1994]
Beastly album. . I enjoy it from start to finish - Punk/Rap fusion has never been this good.  'Sabotage' tops a great selection.

8. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy    - Master and Everyone [2004]
A more reflective and - dare i say it - a more mature outing than the great 'I see a darkness'.

9. Wilco - A Ghost is born [2004]
Last great album from Wilco. Great opener, followed up with some of their best music..'Muzzle of bees' a fav of mine.

10. The Fall - Your Future our Clutter [2011]
 Reinvigorated not only a passion for the music of Mark E. but also my music listening generally. Some great songs on here. V good band that he has also. Bury... Chino



  1. Interesting mix John F. I've got a problem with The FAll; unsure what it is, I just can't look Mark E in the eye. Wilco: I loved 'Being THere' but kind of lost it after that. Like what they did with B Bragg on Mermaid Ave and love what they did last year with Bill Fay on his return. Master and Everyone just pips I see a Darkness for me too. I spent last night listening through Waits' back catalogue. I'm up to Rain Dogs so guess that I'll get to Bone Machine some time mid afternoon... My head'll be hurting by about midnight so that'll be a perfect moment for 'Passion'. Pixies and Pogues ho hum. Moments of brilliance but Seeing Shane just makes me sad these days. Waterboys 'This is the Sea' was a big college album for me; what I wanted my music to sound like for about 6 months. Has it aged well? John Martyn's 'Solid Air' in my top 10 so I need to visit the live recording. That'll be Monday sorted then. Happy days...

  2. John, a fine and varied selection. That is a great Fall album. I love the opening song on it. I love the racket the Fall make but I remain to be convinced that he is some sort of lyrical genius.

    1. He is a master of the three r's - repetition, repetition, repetition.

  3. Thanks for comments all..I'm enjoying seeing these top selections.. It's sending me back to music I haven't heard in a while - or putting me on to new stuff .. Cheers guys