Top 102 Albums⁺

List of posts in my Top 102 Albums⁺ series.
(The ⁺ is because I intend continuing this list ad infinitum.)

I was inspired to take this up by Trevor at Hissyfit and that Friend of Rachel Worth at Cathedrals of Sound.  The list is in no particular order and I am largely just writing about whatever album strikes me as interesting to write about at the time. I do have a 'master list' of about 200 albums but I will quite possibly think of outliers as I go along. They're a mixture of albums that mean a lot to me because of how and when I heard them and albums whose artistic achievements I admire.  There are of course many albums that fit into both categories.

As a result of the impossibility (for me) of keeping this list to 102 I will not be taking off when the countdown reaches No 1 but shall continue through 0 to the negative numbers. Not that there will be any negative imputations on the albums listed there. I just couldn't leave out many albums without losing sleep and mental equilibrium. Anyway, I'm enjoying re-listening and writing about my favourite music. Maybe I'll even start finding more music.
-8. Curtis - Curtis Mayfield
-9 Passionoia - Black Box Recorder
-10. Atomizer - Big Black
-11. White Light, White Heat - The Velvet Underground 

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