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'Best?' Blog Posts on Vapour Trails

Having seen this feature on some other sites I thought I'd borrow it. For whatever reason these posts are the ones which came to mind when I asked myself which posts I was happiest with as 'writing'.

There are probably posts I like better that I've forgotten but that is the fate of all. (I'll probably be unable to resist editing this on an ongoing basis though. In Search of Lost Posts.)

I hope you enjoy them.

On Books
Miss Lonelyhearts - Nathanael West (Semi-finalist in the 3QuarksDaily Arts & Literature Prize 2015)

Christie Malry's Own Double Entry - B.S.Johnson

Loitering with Intent - Muriel Spark

Bartleby & Co - Enrique Vilas Matas

Carpenter's Gothic - William Gaddis

Blood's a Rover - James Ellroy

The Shipping News - Annie Proulx

My Name is Red - Orhan Pamuk

The Book of Disquiet - Fernando Pessoa

Four Stories and Me - On four favourite short stories

On Film

King Kong - Peter Jackson

No Direction Home - Martin Scorsese

On Music (& memory)

Dread Beat an' Blood - Linton Kwesi Johnson


  1. Hello Séamus, enjoying this site. Much in common. I shall return!

    1. Thanks Mick. Saw Facebook request and there would seem to be a few parallels alright. Glad you're enjoying the site.