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Original Post - Monday, May 19, 2008

I have spent the last number of days enjoying the joys of Nun Attax and Five Go Down To The Sea at www.getthatmonsteroffthestage.com
Anchored by an audio documentary focusing on the eccentric Donnelly, front man with the aforementioned Nunattax and Five Go Down to the Sea and in a final change of nom de guerre - Beethoven, the site will repay the interest of anyone who likes the idea of music which can remind one simultaneously of The Fall and The Birthday Party while remaining utterly unique. Cathal Coughlan lets us know that if it weren't for Nunattax we wouldn't have had any Microdisney and the eccentric, avant garde strain in post punk music from Cork can be largely attributed to Donnelly's legacy.

Donnelly's early tragic death by drowning while swimming in the Serpentine in London robbed him of the time to gain the recognition that would surely have been his.

Anyone who is looking for material that DESERVES exhumation should release his complete recorded works including the tantalizing prospect of all the RTE radio sessions, some of which I used to have on various long departed cassettes. Surely the title alone of Wild My Cigar Meryl Streeps would make this a cult classic.

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