Sunday 4 June 2017

From a Box of Cassettes

From a Box of Cassettes

I'm returning once more to the dusty corner of the world which is this blog to share something from the dusty corner of the accumulated mess of things that I have gathered over the past fifty years.

At our last rehearsal the band (The Knocking Shop) were trying to put together one of our old songs from twenty years ago with a poor live recording as the guide. When Dave, the guitar player, told me a couple of days later that he had a better recording on cassette, plus some other 'forgotten' songs I decided to go through my own pile of cassettes with a bit more rigour. And I was rewarded with a copy of what was a work in progress towards a third demo.

Strangely it included songs that I had completely forgotten. It's an odd experience hearing your own voice sing songs that are completely unfamiliar. To add to the strangeness many of the songs were about memory and resurrection. Plus one which was a my twenty something vision of middle age.
"I dig the garden and cut the grass
Pay for the electricity and gas
My mortgage payments are always on time
My bank manager thinks that I'm a fine man"
Apart from the fact that bank managers have been largely replaced by computer programmes not far off.

I've uploaded some of the songs and they are below for the listening pleasure of the curious. We'll probably play a couple when we play live again in July.


  1. Nice to read you again (and hear you), Séamus! Great song and hope to hear more soon.

    1. Nice to be read! I'm sure I'll have another round of blogging at some stage. I tend to do things in sequence rather than parallel. Been listening to music a lot recently and rehearsing for a couple of upcoming gigs, which is a lot of fun.

    2. I can relate! (haven't done much blogging in a few years, though I miss it, but have been working on writing projects offline).