Tuesday 9 August 2016

The Knocking Shop to hit the Dublin Stage.

The Grand Social
The Knocking Shop to hit the Dublin Stage!

The revival of The Knocking Shop hits a high point with our return to the Dublin stage at The Grand Social  on August 27th
We are set to headline a night with Buffalo Sunn and Late City Edition and a Mystery Guest Band. Any of the other bands are worth the €7 admission and more so you are practically being paid to come and watch us!

Having recently scouted the venue at a rather wonderful Kevin Rowland dj set  I am even more excited. It's got a real atmosphere, the canvas on the roof giving it a carnival vibe. ( I live the life of a hermit deep in the Irish midlands so Dublin in the 21st century is a bit of a mystery to me.)

You can see the event page on Facebook 

You can like us on The Knocking Shop Facebook Page

You can even come to the gig, boost my fragile ego and allow me a brief rekindling of the delusion that I am a rock star...

Here we are on our London debut in January, which was our first gig in twenty years. Afterwards people were comparing us (quite favourably) to The Birthday Party, The Go-Betweens, Joy Division and The Fall.

I want to see that band - (or have some of their drugs!)