Friday, 18 September 2015

Crime and Punishment - A Playlist

Crime and Punishment - A Playlist

Just thought I'd let the blogosphere know that I'm still alive by posting one of my intermittent playlists, this one loosely loosely held together by the theme of crime and punishment.

Here's the Tracklist
1. Delia's Gone - Johnny Cash
2. The Green, Green Grass of Home - Johnny Cash
3. The Last Gunfighter Ballad - Guy Clark
4. In the Ghetto - Elvis Presley
5. Stack O'Lee - Mississippi John Hurt
6. I Shall Be Released- Bob Dylan
7. Don't Take Your Guns to Town - Johnny Cash
8. Walking Spanish - Tom Waits
9. Pancho and Lefty - Townes Van Zandt
10. Rat Poison Rendevous - Cathal Coughlan
11. Pancho and Lefty - Emmylou Harris
12. Long Time Man - Tim Rose
13. The Charm of Innocence - Momus
14. The Mercy Seat - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
15. Matty Groves - Fairport Convention


  1. I do enjoy your playlists, Seamus. Great to see The Mercy Seat here (I love the Johnny Cash cover version too). Delia's Gone is another favourite.

    1. Thanks Jacqui. I too love the Cash version of The Mercy seat and indeed I could have done this list juts using tracks from Johnny and Nick. In fact I left out many of my favourites - might have to do a follow up.

  2. Came up as a shuffle for me with Delia's Gone the first song and got Emmylou version of Pancho and Lefty- very good. First time exposed to Momus and hopefully the last! Apart from that and the Coughlan, I thoroughly enjoyed it. My fave version of Matty here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKuEzQJD5SM

    1. I think that it got rearranged when I was joining the tracks! Look forward to the live Matty, when a gap opens up. Momus one of the great baroque cynicists, I think, as is Coughlan. Not to everyone's taste.