Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Airwaves - Irish Rock Part Two

Airwaves - Irish Rock Part Two

My St Patrick's Day offering is the second part of my mix of some of my favourite Irish music. You will find much Cathal Coughlan and Stephen Ryan here; That Petrol Emotion; Luggage; The Idiots; Female Hercules; Into Paradise; Eating Betty and more - see playlist below.

Happy St Patrick's Day


  1. Well, many of these are new to me. (I've heard of That Petrol Emotion and Microdisney, but that's about it!) I shall have a listen later today...

    1. Some of these are virtually unknown in Ireland so it would be surprising if anyone knew them all who wasn't in a band in the early nineties..

    2. That makes me feel a whole lot better!