Monday, 30 December 2013

Poems (not even a) Penyeach

Poems (not even a) Penyeach

An easy way to keep the blog ticking over as I struggle to finish any further reviews? Here's more of my verse.

This one is from a year ago and I had forgotten it completely.  I always tend to like pieces I've completely forgotten when I first find them again.

I rise in my cloak
of ache and my mist
of drowsiness
and mumble through
the stumble step time
washing last nights supper dishes
scraping scraps for the dogs
into a plastic box
cloudy like the winter sky
until the warmth of tea
melts my early mood
and I rise again
to a serenade in marmalade
and the sun
like a yolk haloed in albumen
spills like life
through the window
and stirs my blood

This one's more recent and was written as a comment on another blog - http://anthonyuplandpoetwatkins.wordpress.com/2013/12/05/life-is-a-pyramid-scheme/

the human race
slow-motion locusts
we strip the fields
cover teeming peace
with arid war
valuing action
above thought
and property
above action
we run a war on drugs
but there are more addicts
fight poverty
but more are poor
ended slavery
but have more slaves
cure diseases
but more are ill
i wish more people
would stand back
and just stand still


  1. Love 'the stumble step time' and 'a serenade in marmalade
    and the sun like a yolk haloed in albumen'.
    Keep writing apace sir...

    1. Thanks Trevor. Hope all went well with the mix and that the coming year is a great one for you.