Friday 29 November 2013

Fund Razor for Loffa FC

Shave it Off!

Tonight I am having my hairy face returned to what constitutes 'normal' in my world.

I have been growing facial hair for the month in order to raise some funds for LOFFA FC, the sporting arm of LOFFA (Laois Offaly Families for Autism).

In LOFFA parents of autistic children get together to provide valuable support through subsidised services, information sharing, mutual support and lobbying (although that's not all they do).

The football club has sprung from this, growing over the past few years from a Sunday kick about for fathers and friends to a fully fledged club playing league football since August this year. We have even won a couple of matches.

For someone slightly past their prime it has helped turn back some of the effects of age and lack of exercise. It has helped a couple of stone to leave me and is a valuable aid in my ongoing efforts to keep depression at bay. They even let me play every now and then. It's great fun.

Money raised will help go towards replacement kit and other costs of running the club as well as towards players who lose income through injury etc.

All donations gratefully received, big or small. Thanks for reading. If you're in the area why not come along.
Santa Claus

Santa Claus has even promised to wash off her beard if enough money is raised!

(I will cover all Paypal costs!)


  1. The fur is fearsome. I'm guessing Seamus that you are a defender with a moniker like 'The Wall' or 'Knobbler'.

    1. More of a utility player generally known as 'Useless'.

  2. A successful night which was like a strange mix between an S&M club and a barbershop, where baying crowds paid to pull wax strips from the chests of players who's intentions not to flinch, no matter what, weren't entirely successful. I can report that when the wax strip is not pulled off quickly enough the pain seems to increase exponentially. No need to visualise me in the throes of such a disturbing scene, I merely visited the barbershop.
    I left (relatively) early in order to catch the end of The Late, Late Toy Show with my kids, who celebrate the hijacking of the late night chat show by kids as the official launch of Christmas. While Santa Claus was sleeping on the couch her brothers were in the twilight zone between sleep and waking and seemed delighted to see their less hairy father return.
    God knows how the night developed. Tomorrow's match will tell a tale.