Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Top 102 Albums. No 56. Loveless

Top 102 Albums. No 56.
Loveless - My Bloody Valentine

With the excitement surrounding the eventual release of another My Bloody Valentine album a mere two centuries after the last one I suppose that it is apt to focus on their previous, sophomore album which only took two decades to record while bankrupting Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and tipping the world's economy into a recession from which it may never recover.

This is an album that I consume as a single piece of music, or two on vinyl. I often used to leave this on while I was going to sleep. I've always found the washes of sound soothing and dream inspiring. I didn't play it at the ear splitting levels which are apparently obligatory but to make up for this I would stab at my eardrums with knitting needles.

I saw them play at that frightening volume band remember making the startling discovery that when you left the main hall and entered the toilets you could hear the melodies perfectly. That last piece of information is apropos of nothing.

There is something glacial about this music, as if you are not experiencing the music but rather the halo of noise that surrounds it, rather like the light reflecting off the surface of a glacier. I make this comparison having never seen a glacier, let alone heard one.

This is music you can sink into and lose yourself in. Get comfortable and listen.

And here is that new album. I'm off to listen to it.


  1. Hi Seamus - another of my deaf spots - could never really get mbv, I'll try and give it another go

    1. I didn't get them at first myself but this album wormed its way into my head over a period of years.

  2. loveless was such an important album when I was younger loved it liking new one but maybe it has been to long and to little has changed ,all the best stu

    1. It's not what you'd call striking while the iron is hot!