Saturday, 19 January 2013

Taster for the new/old Wire album.

Wire in 1977, 35 years ago!

Taster for the new/old Wire album.
Wire have retooled songs, many just sketches from the period after 154 which can be heard on Document and Eyewitness.

The new album, called Change Becomes Us hits the shelves in March. Here's a taster.


  1. This song sounds a little more mellow than anything I can remember off Pink Flag, but oh well, not bad. Love the "concept" behind the new album and that title is a definite winner (thanks for filling me in about the upcoming release).

    1. It's much more like a song from 154. If you only know Pink Flag you should get to know Chairs Missing and 154. All three are very different and equally good.

  2. Good to know (I was a latecomer to the band and only have that first album of theirs after all these years).