Saturday, 19 November 2011

More sweet Poesy

Over at the Better than Starbucks group on Shelfari there is a thread for original poetry. I have regaled readers here with some of my efforts inspired by this same thread before and (take cover) I'm about to do it again.

The poetry thread was being unpinned because of lack of new poems being posted and this would lead to it slipping out of sight until reanimated. These were my two responses. The second 'poem' was inspired by the fact that the first 'poem' led to the thread being repinned.

And Poetry Disappears

Like the Irish Elk's
Last ungainly steps

Like a waterfall of alphabet soup
From a ladle

Like a bowl of smarties
at a party

Like friends
When you're broke

Like drugs
When the flat's raided

Like solutions
When you think too much

Like youth
When time passes

But there will be more ungainly creatures
Drinking soup at parties
Popular and high
With money to spend, all the answers
And time on their side

The Day I Saved Poetry
The Day I saved Poetry
there was rain falling
but that's no surprise
There's rain falling somewhere every day

The day I saved poetry I was sober
As I had been for years before
The day I saved poetry

The day I saved poetry there were nappies to change
and dishes to wash
and dogs to walk

But I didn't walk the dogs
I had poetry to save
and it was raining.

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  1. You certainly reanimated the flagging poetry. With wit and grit!