Wednesday, 17 November 2010

til the money runs out

You just can't seem to get away from the rumblings of national bankruptcy these days and some songs suggest themselves as a soundtrack.

Johnny Cash was the poet laureate of hard times and his 40 Shades of Green became a sort of alternative anthem for Ireland. Perhaps we could now take another of his songs as an anthem:

And if your dreams are filled with footsteps following you this could be the reason

Every day they tell us something is not happening but the next day it is. Pulp got this down in a song the wrote for another set of 'bond holders' only to find that not alone were they not going to get the coveted soundtrack spot but that the name of the movie was changed. Ireland Inc. hocked every citizen up to the nooses on their necks in order not to 'burn' the bond holders who had fuelled the credit bubble in Ireland with their careless lending to half assed banks. And what is the thanks they get - those same bond holders decide to fleece Ireland further and drive the country into the 'warm' embrace of the IMF. Licensed to kill.

Remember whatever they tell you today - Tomorrow Never Lies.

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