Sunday, 3 October 2010

Look, Know

The past week has seen the birth of my third child, a beautiful baby girl. It is such a miraculous event it is impossible to explain. You are so privileged as a parent.

But then the responsibility hits. This child needs a name. And many people will want to have an input.

Family, celebrity, historical hero.....where will inspiration lie?

Initial suggestions include some of the earlier mythical women, versions of Eve and my daughter suggests Pandora.

And now for the

Why is it that all these myths are about control? Feels like the motivation behind a lot of myth/religion is to stop our curiosity. Don't eat the apple, Eve; don't open the box, Pandora; don't look behind the curtain, Dorothy.

Zeus, Jehova, Oz all the same.

In the end we decide to name her after family, cause there's no place like home Mary Sue!

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