Friday, 13 March 2015

Airwaves - Irish Rock Part One

Airwaves - Irish Rock Part One

Given that I am currently under orders to refrain from reading and writing, and anything that involves looking down too much I have been experimenting with putting together a couple of "radio shows".

There are some programmes on the history of Irish Rock on BBC Four tonight, and St Patrick's Day approaches so I thought I would put together a personal selection of Irish rock music. This is part one of at least two.

Apologies for gaps, clicks, pops, cat noises and "eh"s.


  1. I missed the Irish Rock documentary the other night so I'll have to play catch up with the iPlayer. Some great tracks here, Seamus. The Boys are Back in Town is a favourite.

    I hope your eye is on the mend...

    1. The Irish Rock documentary was a little obvious, and the way they totally ignored the contribution of bands who didn't become huge was disappointing. However, there is some great footage.