Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Great Christmas Carve Up! December Readalong.

The Great Christmas Carve Up! 
December Readalong of Jonathan Coe's What a Carve Up!

This post on Jonathan Coe's Expo 58 has led to a proposed readalong of Coe's eighties satire What a Carve Up! which has the reputation of being great fun and one of the most successful satires of recent times. (It was published in the US as The Winshaw Legacy)

It seems somehow appropriate following the stir caused by Hilary Mantel's The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher to take another baleful look at the acquisitive and divisive eighties when Thatcher and Reagan did their level best to reintroduce feudalism.

Committed readers already include star bloggers Guy at His Futile Preoccupations or The Years of Reading Aimlessly…; Jacqui at JacquiWine's Journal and Kim at Reading Matters , and me.

The novel's name comes from the film below, which some may want to watch before reading.

All are welcome to join in, either on their own blogs or shooting from the hip in the comments sections of participating blogs.

It's not just turkeys that need to be nervous this Christmas...

The date for posting is December 28th, the anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's baptism. Feel free to offer some alternative name ideas...


  1. I've got the much more tamer US cover. Lucky for me, I already have the film.

    1. This cover is based on the poster for the film. It certainly has the "ooh er!" factor. I've got the uniform Penguin reissue 'orange for fantastic fiction' cover but I thought this one worked better with the post!

  2. Thanks for organising this, Seamus. My edition has a rather sedate plain cover, but I guess it's the contents that count. Looking forward to it immensely.