Saturday, 28 September 2013

Vote for Me!

Vote for Me!

This is just a quick note to say that my eulogy for Seamus Heaney has been shortlisted to be published in the next Goodreads Newsletter. The winner is selected by public vote so if any of you are Goodreaders you can click this link and vote for me (or someone else if you will). You will have to join the POETRY! group to vote.


  1. Is it in poor taste to congratulate you? Oh well, I'm an American. I'm supposed to be vulgar. Congratulations, sir.

    1. Your vulgarity is most welcome!

    2. Vulgarity being my specialty, CONGRATS!!! well another famous Irish poet:)

      Anthony Uplandpoet Watkins
      (it keeps saying it is going to post my comment as anonymous...)

    3. Thanks all. I'll bask for a moment...