Monday, 31 December 2012

Top 102 Albums No. 74 Nixon

Top 102 Albums No. 74 
Nixon - Lambchop

'Think of me as fetal 
Think of me as the fifth Beatle"

In which Nick Cave rings The Stylistics who are in an apartment block called Watergate. He whispers secrets in code down the phone while they tune up. In the apartment above them an orchestra translates the phone messages into strings.

The collision sounds like the bar scene in The Shining played straight by the Marx Brothers. You're not sure whether to laugh or shiver.   "It's really just pretend."

A murderer's whispered caress that walks the tightrope between hommage and parody Nixon is a profoundly rewarding album that sounds like it has begun to erase itself as you listen.

Do I know what I'm saying. No. "This daily logic has become absurd."

All I know is that I love the shuffling beauty of this record and it tunes in and out of a deep layer of my consciousness, punning, prettified and plangeant. More ennui than conviction; more convincing than anyone else.

"It used to come from underground 
Now it emenates 
From a kind of welfare state 
Of the soul"

Come on people, listen.


  1. one of a kind - always amazed me that it got kind of lumped in with americana label , it is much too odd for that

    happy new year hope 2013 is a great one for you Seamus

  2. Great choice Seamus; although my preference (later) is for the album that followed; a quiet gem...