Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I have been contributing the odd poem to one of my online reading groups this year and thought I'd gather some together here to give everyone who reads this a chance to point and laugh.

I unwound the bandages
and flinched
You were unwinding
Like a spring
gone loose
The years wind around me
Like a torn cloth

What time of day was it
when you walked the fields to the church
After midnight?
Did the sun skip?
A young girl shine?
Before you fell
In your white nightgown and bare feet.
The years wind around me
Like a torn cloth
Thirty years later
In your kitchen
At your son's funeral, my uncle
It came back
Sharp and painful as iodine
On a grazed knee
How you forgot -
Talked as if I was
My own father
The years wind around me
Like a torn cloth


White Hare on a Green Field (April 2011)

The trees are crude brushes
In the pink and gold
Of dusk

Long bare trunks reaching
For the palette
Of the sun
Dead brown leaves
Of generations past
Cling like disappointed hope
As I walk the years fall away
From the world
Or fall forward
It is suddenly night
And the lights of a distant plane
Like a shard of civilization
Flung upon the cosmos
And I think
Of a white hare
I saw earlier
In a green field
Like a last pocket
Of the ice age
Or prophecy?


Rites of Coffee
Toungue loosener
Portable confessional
Black body, white collar
Sacramental offering
The bitterness of
Our colonial past
Tasted yet forgiven?


Window Shopping
How much
Is that window
In front of
the doggie?


  1. Cheerio Riddley,

    Regarding you poem "Rites of Passage" For a tongue loosen-er I would require a recipe for perhaps an Irish Creme or some such coffee/alcohol mixture. Do you know of any for a person with a sweet tooth? I will come back by the way to visit again-I hope you don't mind


  2. How to make the perfect Irish Coffee - http://www.barkeeper.ie/page.asp?page=492
    Of course you would have to use some of Up's coffee!

  3. I'll make you up a coffee so you've no excuse to run.
    I want to tell my story, it's only just begun.
    I've lots of things to tell you.
    Now stay a little while.
    Just knowing that you're listening will make me want to smile.
    The coffee helps us focus on our stories as we sit. Or maybe we're just talking another load of shit. Like what happened to house prices, and who deserves the blame or how x factor contestants will handle all the fame. Now what have you to tell me about your life today the things that really matter and what you want to say. I think it's time to go now as we drink the final sup. So much more to say though - ah let's have another cup.