Wednesday, 5 January 2011

You're too bloody two faced, Janus

2010 - My virtual life grew in 2010. Decent broadband helped. Finances and being at home moved me away from newspapers and into getting most of my news online. Don't know if I'm better or worse informed.
Main sources are friends links on Facebook, thejournal.ie and the irishtimes.com site. All pretty good and the push factor from friends makes up somewhat for the danger of only reading the news you search for which is one of the dangers of the internet.

In the last few months of the year I upped my efforts to get my ever growing piles of books into order. I found the Shelfari site useful for building an online database of my books and have been using it a lot recently to plan and record my reading. Still can't decide how to order my books but hell, when did I ever do anything in an orderly fashion.

This has led to my one resolution for 2011. To somewhat justify my book addiction (can't resist those charity shop bookshelves) I am going to try and reduce my piles of unread books by reading at least 100 books in 2011. As well as keeping a record on my Shelfari site I will keep a record of my reading here.

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